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Watering of flower and plant beds
Greening up decorative rocks in garden pond
Solar micro irrigation
Small showers in beach
Water supply for animals
Supplementary oxygen for fish pond
Solar water draining
Water suplly for domestic usage
Solar pressure sprayer
Water supply for thermal installation
Drinkingwater supply
Water supply for solar distillation
Water sprayer for cooling purposes
Emergency water supply
Looking for ideal of new application
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Water supply for solar distillation

In many areas water contains salts and organic or inorganic e.g. arsenic particles. Thus drinking water may be spoiled, which affects the health of the user negatively in the long term.

To purify spoiled water is very difficult due to high technical expenditure and low economic effectiveness. However solar energy can open a new way to win distilled water in an efficient way. Here the LIUJIA Solar pump could play a key role, especially in a system, which ensures that minerals such as calcium and magnesium are added to the distilled water.

(Solar distillation)