Application possibilities
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Watering of flower and plant beds
Greening up decorative rocks in garden pond
Solar micro irrigation
Small showers in beach
Water supply for animals
Supplementary oxygen for fish pond
Solar water draining
Water suplly for domestic usage
Solar pressure sprayer
Water supply for thermal installation
Drinkingwater supply
Water supply for solar distillation
Water sprayer for cooling purposes
Emergency water supply
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appliacation possibilities

Liujia Solar pump

- Many useful applications with solar energy in industry and households
- Ideal combination of water and sun – environmentally friendly
- Saves primary energy and physical efforts in order to obtain height water pressure or distribute water
- Works according to the principle: The more sunlight, the more water is delivered. The pump runs even in hazy weather
- Easy, effective and cost saving irrigation for gardens or small rural areas with the solar drip system

Meaning of pumping height
- Economical: A 12W Solar panel creates approximately 1.0 bar water pressure, equal of a transport level up to 10 meters (app. 30 ft) (measured from water level of source to highest point of water output. (not deepest point of water source like conventional pumps require)

Solar Tauchpumpe Typ, Pompe solaire de puits, Bomba de escafandra de energía solar, مضخة غاطسة الشمسية