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Previous models LJ20 / LJ10


What is the Philosophy of LIUJIA Solarpump?
As you know, solar power supply is unlike the usual power supply. As the sunlight leans onto a solar module, the solar voltage occurs. But at this time the solar current is very small like the amount of solar power. The more intense the sunlight shines on the solar module, the stronger is the current which is produced. At the same time, the voltage changes very little. We can say, solar module is a power supply in form of a dynamic current. It depends on the intensity of sunlight. Therefore solar power changes daily often over 10 times. It is an unstable power supply.

Unfortunately, most solar equipment uses the same conventional electronic technology. It asks for a stable power supply. So this solar equipment can only be used in areas with always clear and sunny weather. Another method is to connect more solar modules parallel together in order to deliver more power than the equipment needs, so the additional power can be used for compensating cloudy times. In another case the solar power could be saved in batteries, so that the current is stored until the equipment needs it. All this increases the costs to get a stable power supply and minimize its effectivity. This is one important reason, why solar energy in this usage has difficulty competing with the usual power supply at the moment.

In which application can the dynamic solar power be used without high costs?

The answer is: our solar pump is constructed especially to match the dynamic solar power. It starts with a small solar current. The more intense the sunlight is, the stronger the pump does work. Since the solar pump works with a lossless storage circuit, water will be pumped even when the sun rays are diffuse.