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Pumping Volume / Sun Intensity
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Special feature of Liujia Solar Pumpe

Most solar equipment uses the same conventional electronic technology, which means that a stable power supply needs to be guaranteed for smooth operation. Thus these pumps can only be used in areas with consistent clear and sunny weather. In order to compensate this hindrance, multiple solar modules are used together in order to deliver more power than the pumps need, so that the additional power can be used for compensating hazy weather. Another method to overcome this problem is to store solar power in batteries until the pumps need it.

All these ways increase costs and complexity considerably; therefore solar energy has always had difficulties in competing with conventional power supply.

The LIUJIA Solar pump however, is constructed especially to match dynamic solar power. It starts with a small solar current. The more intense the sunlight is, the stronger the pump works. Since the solar pump works with a lossless storage circuit, water will be pumped even when the sunrays are diffused.


Description   unit  LJ3012-T   LJ2012-D   LJ1012-S  
Maxim. voltage  35,00(+/-1,0)   35,00(+/-1,0)  17,50(+/-0,5) 
Minim. voltage   32,00 (+/-0,2)   32,00 (+/-0,2)   16,20 (+/-0,1)  
Max. power   36,00 (+3,0)   24,00 (+2,0)   12,00 (+1,0)  
Working current   0,05-1,10  0,05-0,75  0,05-0,75 
Inclusive solar panels and accessories     yes  yes  yes 
Working temperature   °C  +1.0°C - 25°C   +1.0°C - 25°C (special treatment possible)   +1,0°C - 25°C (special treatment possible)  
Operation     hanging 
Safe for "dry run" (using solar panels)    yes  yes  yes 
Safe for overload     yes  yes  yes 
Safe for reverse poling     yes  yes  yes 
LED operating indication    yes  yes  yes 
Water deep at the minimum   cm  36,00  36,00 (special treatment possible)   36,00 (special treatment possible)  
Diameter of the pump   cm  5,20 (+0,05)  
Diameter incl. filter   cm  80,00 (+2,0)  
Length of pump   cm  52 ,00  #  
Diameter of cable   mm  7,50 (+/-0,2) 
Internal diameter of water pipe   mm  9,2 (+/-0,2) 
External diameter of water pipe   mm  11,0 (+/-0,2) 
Length of cabel   30,50 (+/-0,2) (special treatment possible)  20,50 (+/-0,2) (special treatment possible)  10,50 (+/-0,2) (special treatment possible) 
Length of water pipe   30,50 (+/-0,2)  20,50 (+/-0,2)  10,50 (+/-0,2) 
Net weight   kg  14,50   10,30   6,40 
Gross weight   kg  15,50  11,30  7,40 
Size of box   cm  54x26x29 (L x W x H) 
Volume of box   Qm  0,04  #  
Operation instructions     English, German, Chinesise, French, Spanish  
Accessories of pump     lifting rope, water pipe, foam filter, silicone tube, O-ring, main spring, hexagonal key (8mm and 3mm), resin-free oil  
Attention: two sets of pumps are in one transportbox          
Net weight   kg  29,00  20,60  12,80 
Gross weight   kg  34,20  25,80  18,00  
Size of transportbox   cm  56x56x30 (L x W x H)  
Volume of transportbox   Qm  0,094 
    Attention: Specifications and external appearance are subjects to change without notice   #=as same as LJ3012-T   #=as same as LJ3012-T